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Blackjack is a favorite amongst casino operators, yet this misunderstood game is one of the most avoided games by players at large.

The reasoning for this odd stance is threefold. Many players simply don't understand the while others are hesitant because they are afraid of embarrassing themselves in front of other players. But the biggest misconception causing players to miss out on one of the best games offered at a casino is the perception that the house owns an excessive edge.

But, if you can play Blackjack by the book, you can pare the house's edge so that it is negligible at best. There are literally thousands of strategies available to you, but time and experience are the only surefire ways to make you the best player you can be. In time, you will develop your own strategies and incorporate them into your game.

Until you unlock your own vault of knowledge, here are some good rules of thumb to follow when you sit down with the dealer.
  • If you are dealt an Ace as your first card, you hold an amazing 52% advantage over the house.

  • If you mimic the dealer, that is hitting all 16's, standing on 17's and never splitting or doubling, your expected loss will be 10 times worse than if you play from the Blackjack Strategy Chart.

  • If you have a Pat 20 (first two cards total 20), your best bet is to have the dealer showing an 8 because if she has an Ace, 10, or 9 in the hole, you automatically win.

  • You must always split Aces and 8's, no matter what the dealer's up card is.

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