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Don't Forget Before You Bet

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What are the most common concerns people have regarding online casinos? Basically people need to understand the key differences between land-based, and online casinos.

First, the speed at which the games are played online are FAST. You can play about 25 to 30 hands of Blackjack in a land-based casino, as opposed to roughly 125 to 150 hands in one hour online. That is five-times as fast. That means that if the cards are hot, you can win real big real fast. Conversely, if they are cold, you could lose in a hurry.

Bet What You Can Afford

Next, make sure you have a solid bankroll. You wouldn't walk into a land-based casino with $80 in your pocket and expect to break the bank. The same rule applies online.

A good rule of thumb is to have at least 25-times the amount you normally play on one hand. For example, if you normally play $5 a hand in Blackjack, you should sit down with at least $125. This will give you a chance to stay at the table long enough to see a good streak of cards.

Too Good To Be True?

Lastly, make sure you are dealing with a reputable outfit - a firm that has been around a while. There is nothing worse than winning and not getting paid.

As a side note, be wary of online casinos that offer you "the farm" in free bonus money and astronomical comps. Usually, the companies that need to attract business this way are so desperate to get new customers, they can't keep a customer on their own merits, like honest and fair games, good customer service, etc.

Do Your Homework

The best piece of advice is to do your homework. Check with the governing body that issued the gaming license to see if they are in good standing. Most importantly, use your instincts, because they're usually right.

Wherever you decide to play, use common sense, good judgment, and a proven strategy that helps shift the odds in your favor.

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