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Spencer's Roulette Systems

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Many gamblers are not sure of how Roulette is played, and shy away from the game because of it. That's understandable, but once you understand the rules, you'll have a hard time staying away from the pit.

Roulette is very simple and requires no skill whatsoever. Simply lay your chips on the numbers, lines, colors or boxes and the game takes care of itself.

Basic Strategy:

So what about Roulette betting systems?
There dozens of Roulette systems and most consist of simply recognizing streaks and taking advantage of them by "clocking" past spins. Basically, they're useless. The house edge will remain constant no matter what system you devise to "beat" the casino.

Should you know a Roulette betting system?
You should have a simple money management and bankroll system in place to help ensure that you don't burn through your money if you don't hit the numbers you have bet on.

Tips on keeping your Bankroll:

Yor need to spread your risk around. Scatter your bets across the table, and this will help ensure that you will win something most every roll. This is why most, if not all, online casinos don't include Roulette in bonus offers.

Also, spread the money around. Instead of betting $5 straight up on a number, play $1 straight up and another $1 on all four corners.

Using the System

Playing is easy. Use your cursor and either the left or right mouse button to select the chip (click on it) and place it (click) anywhere on the betting layout. To stop placing bets, again click either the right or left mouse button with the cursor placed in the area your chips are stacked (bottom right corner of screen).

The game will inform you when you're not making a proper bet. Click "Spin," then sit back and enjoy. The Roulette wheel will spin; the ball will randomly bounce around and settle on a number.

If you would like to bet on the same number(s) during the next spin, click on "Last Bet" and then "Spin" to start the next spin.

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