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New Town For Ios

  1. Caution - Bingo May Be Hazardous To Your Health
    The Legislature and Governor of the state of Washington recently passed a law warning us about the dangers of... Muslim terrorists with box-cutters? No. Anthrax on postage stamps? Guess again. Global warming? West Nile Fever? AIDS? Nope. The lawmakers have decided that the threat ...[continue]

  2. Gambling Wins Again At The Polls
    Now there are only two: On November 5, 2002, voters in Tennessee amended the State Constitution to create a state lottery, leaving Hawaii and Utah as the only states without some form of legal gambling. Across the nation, the election showed voters are becoming more comfortable with legal ...[continue]

  3. Gambling Wins Again At The Polls - Part II
    The November 2002 voting will be remembered as one of the few times that the party in power in the White House also gained control of both houses of Congress in a midterm election. But the biggest winner may have been the gaming industry, which will see renewed growth in racinos, state ...[continue]

  4. The Worlds Only Gambling Court
    Is compulsive gambling a disease? The prevailing view in the law is that gambling is a vice. Compulsive gamblers who destroy their lives may be pitied, but they are punished for their moral weakness, not treated. In this view, telling judges or juries that defendants committed crimes to ...[continue]

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