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Black Listed Online Casinos for August 2019

32 Red Casino
When new and professional gamblers alike are in search of a casino to play at, online casino blacklists can be an invaluable resource. With so many options available to players these days it simply makes sense to avoid those that for one reason or another have found their way onto a blacklist. For the most part, online casinos offer substantial bonuses, ongoing promotions, and competitive odds, all within the confines of a safe and secure environment. Why not benefit from the experiences of others?

It is important to note that not all casinos appearing on these lists are necessarily rogue operations. It is entirely possible that some claims are unfair and unwarranted. It is entirely possible that there are as many players who are looking to make a fast buck as there are crooked gambling sites, perhaps more. These types of players, often referred to as "bonus hunters" are gamblers who violate the casino rules by opening multiple accounts, providing false information and ultimately claiming multiple bonuses. When such player attempts to cash out their winnings and the casino's fraud department freezes these accounts, the player will sometimes wage a war against the casino by posting slanderous comments in casino forums. Players have been known to try and defraud the casinos even by going so far as to create fake screen shots of winning jackpots. When the casino disputes the players "winnings" the player may then engage the assistance of a third party or "casino watchdog" to negotiate with the casino on the player's behalf. The mediator may be unaware that the player is in the wrong, but even when these player's actions are proven to be fraudulent, the damage to the reputation of the casino has already been done.

The best advice would be that one should not believe everything they read or hear about a casino, whether the comments are good or bad. The most important factor in determining where to play should be based on the source of this information. Forums can be helpful but they are not always the optimal place to commence a casino search. Forum operators can be biased and/or misinformed. The best course of action would be to begin with the blacklist itself. There should always be a reason given for why the casino was blacklisted. The best blacklists have strict criteria and ban online casinos for engaging in any one or more of the following practices:

The gaming software has been programmed to generate unfair odds.

Legitimate casinos generally conduct monthly audits with established third parties and post the results on the website. A casino should only be blacklisted for fraudulent activity once the software has been tested by a statistical expert who can verify that the results are truly biased in the casino's favor.

The casino withholds player winnings.

Online casinos that refuse payment based on unsupported claims should be considered for immediate blacklisting. When payments are proven to have been stalled intentionally and/or payment of winnings and/or original deposits are withheld for dubious reasons is unacceptable.

The gaming software has a fake seal of approval.

Some casinos have illegally copied "approval" seals when in fact the software has not been legitimately tested. Gaming seals should be linked to documentation that can be easily verified by conducting a simple online search.

The casino's Terms & Conditions are unfair and/or misleading.

Bonus rules and eligibility are oftentimes the subject of many disputes. In such situations, most gaming mediators will support the notion that the act of seizing all of a player's funds on the grounds of suspected bonus abuse is unwarranted. While it may be considered permissible to close an account entirely and to deny future bonus privileges, withholding a player's deposits and winnings may be deemed as overreaching. Some casinos have been known to lay false claims of bonus abuse and consequently seized all funds.

Terms and conditions are enacted to protect a business from any legal liability for situations beyond their control. However, if a casino repeatedly uses their terms and conditions to rob players of their rightful winnings or unjustly prevents players from accessing their accounts, they deserve to be blacklisted for unethical business practices.

The casino abuses a player's right to privacy.

There have been several cases in which casinos have provided (intentionally or unintentionally) a player's email address and/or account information to unauthorized third parties. Whether the casino operators are also running these sites, or are being paid for this confidential information this practice is completely unethical and undermines the casino's credibility.

The casino fails to address the charges against them.

If a casino fails to respond to player complaints or accusations by not returning emails and/or phone calls the casino should be blacklisted. This, however, should be carefully documented as emails and phone calls can be missed but should be easily traced and verified.

Always bear in mind that a legitimate blacklist should be fair and balanced. For example, if there was a misunderstanding or miscommunication between the player and casino and the casino sooner or later diplomatically resolves the dispute, they should be removed from the blacklist. However, if the operators are repeatedly involved in similar disputes it is better to err on the side of caution. Forums are a good resource for identifying such instances, especially if players get in the habit of reading more than one.

Online Casinos to Avoid

Casino Domain NameOwner/Operator
1casino.netVirtual Casino Group
1King.comClaude Levy Casinos
1RoyalFlush.comClaude Levy Casinos
3DBlackjack.comClaude Levy Casinos
3DBlackjack.netClaude Levy Casinos
3DCraps.comClaude Levy Casinos
3DCraps.netClaude Levy Casinos
3DRoulette.comClaude Levy Casinos
3DRoulette.netClaude Levy Casinos
3Dslots.comClaude Levy Casinos
3Dslots.netClaude Levy Casinos
8DrawBingo.comOyster Gaming
21Blackjack.comClaude Levy Casinos
21Blackjack.netClaude Levy Casinos
Ablackjack.comVirtual Casino Group
AceCasinoCity.comGambling Federation
AdultLasVegasCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Affiliatesplit.comVirtual Casino Group
Aladdinscastlecasino.comOyster Gaming
Allaboardcasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Allinkoreacasino.comOyster Gaming
AllPokerGames.comGambling Federation
Alltrivia.comVirtual Casino Group
Allvirtualsupport.comVirtual Casino Group
AmericaCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
AmericaJackpot.comClaude Levy Casinos
AmericanCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
AmericanCasino.netClaude Levy Casinos
AmericanCasinos.comClaude Levy Casinos
AmericanCasinos.netClaude Levy Casinos
AmericanCircusCasino.comCrystalisle Group
AmericanCraps.comClaude Levy Casinos
AmericanGrandCasino.comCrystalisle Group
AmericanJackpot.comClaude Levy Casinos
AmericanPoker.comClaude Levy Casinos
AmericanPoker.netClaude Levy Casinos
AmericasOnlineCasino.comVegas Strip Casinos
AmoreCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Arabianrichcasino.comVirtual Casino Group
ArgentineanCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
AsianCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
AtlanticCityCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
AtlanticCityCasino.netClaude Levy Casinos
AtlasCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
AucklandCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
AussieCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
AustraliaCasinos.comClaude Levy Casinos
AustralianCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Azurepalace.comOyster Gaming
AzurePlaceCasino.comOyster Gaming
BeachCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Beattheking.comVirtual Casino Group
BestBlackjack.comClaude Levy Casinos
Bestcasinoofweb.comVirtual Casino Group
BestCraps.comClaude Levy Casinos
BestLasVegasCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
BestOnlineCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
BestPlay.comClaude Levy Casinos
BestVirtualCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Bestwinningcasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Betpyramid.comVirtual Casino Group
BettingInternational.comClaude Levy Casinos
Bigbonusbingo.comVirtual Casino Group
Bingo-knights.comVirtual Casino Group
Bingoknight.comVirtual Casino Group
Bingoknights.comVirtual Casino Group
Bingonights.comVirtual Casino Group
Blackjackclub.comGambling Federation
BlueChipCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
BoatCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Bonzicasino.comVirtual Casino Group
BrazilianCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Brilliantcasino.comGambling Federation
BrisbaneCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Britneyspearscasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Buyacasino.comVirtual Casino Group
CanadianCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
CapitalismCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Casino-alhambra.comGambling Federation
Casino-online-online.comVirtual Casino Group
Casino-vip.comOyster Gaming
Casinoamor.comVirtual Casino Group
CasinoAtlanticCity.comClaude Levy Casinos
CasinoChampsElysees.comClaude Levy Casinos
Casinodesire.comOyster Gaming
Casinoearth.comOyster Gaming
CasinoFortune.comSunny Group
Casinofreedom.comGambling Federation
Casinogrande.comGambling Federation
Casinoinformation.netVirtual Casino Group
CasinoLasVegas.netClaude Levy Casinos
Casinolove.comOyster Gaming
CasinoMajestic.comClaude Levy Casinos
CasinoMapau.comSunny Group
Casinometropolitan.comGambling Federation
CasinoMontreal.comClaude Levy Casinos
Casinoofthesun.comVirtual Casino Group
CasinoOnliner.comCasinova Software
Casinoplanet.infoOyster Gaming
CasinoQueensland.comClaude Levy Casinos
Casinos-group.comVirtual Casino Group
Casinoshangai.comVirtual Casino Group
Casinosupportcenter.comVirtual Casino Group
Casinoteramare.comOyster Gaming
Casinoultimate.comVirtual Casino Group
Casinovasoftware.comCasinova Software
CasinoWorld.comClaude Levy Casinos
Casinoxclub.comOyster Gaming
CasinoZeal.comCrystalisle Group
Casinozonline.comGambling Federation
ChinaCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
CityBetting.comClaude Levy Casinos
CityCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
CityGaming.comClaude Levy Casinos
Classic-online-casino.comGambling Federation
ClaudeLevyCasinos.comClaude Levy Casinos
ClintonCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Clubbetcasino.comOyster Gaming
ClubRegalCasino.comVegas Strip Casinos
Cometothecasino.comOyster Gaming
Commodorecasino.comOyster Gaming
ContinentalCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
CoolCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Coolcasinodeals.comVirtual Casino Group
CoolLasVegas.comClaude Levy Casinos
CrapsOnline.comClaude Levy Casinos
Crystalclubcasino.comVirtual Casino Group
CrystalPalace.comCrystalisle Group
CyberGoldGambling.comClaude Levy Casinos Federation
Derbyhorses.comVirtual Casino Group
Desirescasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Dotcasinonet.comVirtual Casino Group
Dreamlovecasino.comOyster Gaming
Dreamscasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Dreamsportsbook.comVirtual Casino Group
Dreamyear.comOyster Gaming
e-Casino.comClaude Levy Casinos
e-GamblingHouse.comClaude Levy Casinos
e-Gamy.comClaude Levy Casinos
e-HotBetting.comClaude Levy Casinos
e-HotCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
e-HotVegas.comClaude Levy Casinos
e-LadyLuck.comClaude Levy Casinos
e-LasVegasCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
e-LiveBetting.comClaude Levy Casinos
e-MacauCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
e-NevadaCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
e-RenoCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
e-Roulette.comClaude Levy Casinos
e-RoyalFlush.comClaude Levy Casinos
e-Win.comClaude Levy Casinos
e21.comClaude Levy Casinos
Easyinternetinvesting.comVirtual Casino Group
Easywinningscasino.comVirtual Casino Group
eBlackjack.comClaude Levy Casinos
eCaribbeanStud.comClaude Levy Casinos
Ecashpaycasinos.comOyster Gaming
eGamblingShop.comClaude Levy Casinos
eLasVegasCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
eLiveGambling.comClaude Levy Casinos
eLuckily.comClaude Levy Casinos
Epochcasino.comOyster Gaming
Equatorcasino.comOyster Gaming
eRoyalFlush.comClaude Levy Casinos
eSlot.comClaude Levy Casinos
eVideoGambling.comClaude Levy Casinos
eWorldCasino.comVegas Strip Casinos
Exclamatorycasinoplan.comVirtual Casino Group
FairGamingLabs.comCasinova Software
Fantasycasino.orgVirtual Casino Group
FlushRoyal.comClaude Levy Casinos
FranceCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Galleonstreasure.comVirtual Casino Group
Galleonstreasurecasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Gamblegoddess.comOyster Gaming
Gamblegodess.comOyster Gaming
Gamblersonnet.comCasinova Software
Gambleshare.comVirtual Casino Group
Gamblinggoddess.netOyster Gaming
GamblingHouse.comClaude Levy Casinos
GamblingPalace.comClaude Levy Casinos
GamblingPleasure.comClaude Levy Casinos
GamblingWarehouse.comClaude Levy Casinos
GamesInternet.comClaude Levy Casinos
GamingClubCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
GamingStar.comClaude Levy Casinos
Gemlobby.comOyster Gaming
Gemlobbycasino.comOyster Gaming
Gizapyramidcasino.comOyster Gaming
GlobalBetting.comClaude Levy Casinos
Gold-chips.comOyster Gaming
Goldbetting.comWager21 Casinos
GoldCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Goldchaincasino.comVirtual Casino Group
GoldClubCasino.netClaude Levy Casinos
Goldenballs.comGambling Federation
Goldenbridgecasino.comOyster Gaming
Goldendreamscasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Goldenlightcasino.comVirtual Casino Group
GoldenNileCasino.comCrystalisle Group
GoldgateCasinoSunny Group
Goldshinecasino.comVirtual Casino Group
GoodCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
GrandCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
GrandLasVegas.comClaude Levy Casinos
Grandslots.comGambling Federation
GreatCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
GreatLasVegas.comClaude Levy Casinos
Greentropiccasino.comVirtual Casino Group
HelloCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
HighRollersLounge.comCrystalisle Group
HongkongGambling.comClaude Levy Casinos
HotCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
HotGambling.comClaude Levy Casinos
HotLasVegasCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
HotVirtualCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
InterGambling.comClaude Levy Casinos
InternetLasVegasCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
InternetLucky.comClaude Levy Casinos
IsraelCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
IsraelCasino.netClaude Levy Casinos
Itsmycasino.netVirtual Casino Group
JackpotCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
JapaneseCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
JerusalemCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Justwincasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Kingofatlantiscasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Kingspalacecasino.comVirtual Casino Group
LadyDreamCasino.comWager21 Casinos
Largocasino.comWager21 Casinos
LasVegasCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
LasVegasCasino.netClaude Levy Casinos
LasVegasCasinoInc.comClaude Levy Casinos
LasVegasCasinoLive.comClaude Levy Casinos
LasVegasCasinoOnline.comClaude Levy Casinos
LasVegasClub.comClaude Levy Casinos
LasVegasCompany.comClaude Levy Casinos
LasVegasFlash.comClaude Levy Casinos
LasVegasHeaven.comClaude Levy Casinos
LasVegasIn.comClaude Levy Casinos
LasVegasIncorporated.comClaude Levy Casinos
LasVegasOnlineCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
LasVegasPlaying.comClaude Levy Casinos
LasVegasWagering.comClaude Levy Casinos
Lazyjoker.comOyster Gaming
Lazyjokercasino.comOyster Gaming
Leonik.comOyster Gaming
LiveBetting.comClaude Levy Casinos
LiveChineseCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
LiveLasVegasCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
LiveNevadaCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Lolitacasino.comVirtual Casino Group
LosAngelesCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
LouisianaCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
LoveCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Lucknrollcasino.comCasinova Software
LuckyCoinCasino.comCrystalisle Group
Luckycoincasino.netVirtual Casino Group
Luckydogsports.comWager21 Casinos
Luckyduke.comOyster Gaming
Luckydukecasino.comOyster Gaming
Luckygatecasino.comGambling Federation
LuckyJackpot.comClaude Levy Casinos
LuckyJackpot.netClaude Levy Casinos
LuckyPyramidCasino.comCrystalisle Group
LuckyTraffic.comCasinova Software
LuckyTrump.comCasinova Software
LuckyTrumpCasino.comCasinova Software
LuxembourgCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
LuxuryCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Madbonus.comOyster Gaming
Madbonuscasino.comOyster Gaming
MagicTrump.comCasinova Software
MagicTrumpCasino.comCasinova Software
MainCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Majorslots.comGambling Federation
MapauBingoSunny Group
MarbellaCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
MasterCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Maxslots.comGambling Federation
Mayflowercasino.comVirtual Casino Group
MiamiBeachCasinoSunny Group
Mickeysclubcasino.comGambling Federation
MicroCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
MicroCasino.netClaude Levy Casinos
MicroCrownCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
MonacoGaming.comClaude Levy Casinos
MonteCarloGambling.comClaude Levy Casinos
Mr-casino.comGambling Federation
Multimedia-casino.comVirtual Casino Group
Mycasinoonline.netVirtual Casino Group
Mycasinoreviews.comVirtual Casino Group
MyOnlineCasino.comCrystalisle Group
Mysterygirlcasino.comGambling Federation
Naturalcasino.comOyster Gaming
Neokazino.comGambling Federation
Netcasinogaming.comVirtual Casino Group
Netgaming.comOyster Gaming
NevadaCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
NevadaCasino.netClaude Levy Casinos
NevadaCasinoOnline.comClaude Levy Casinos
NevadaJackpot.comClaude Levy Casinos
NewZealandCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
NightCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Nightdaycasino.comGambling Federation
NorthAmericaCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
On-play.comOyster Gaming
OnlineLasVegas.comClaude Levy Casinos
Owncasino.comOyster Gaming
Oystergaming.comOyster Gaming
PamelaAndersonCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
ParadiseCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
ParadiseCasino.netClaude Levy Casinos
ParisCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Partycitycasino.comVirtual Casino Group
PCGambling.comClaude Levy Casinos
Pinkladycasino.comOyster Gaming
Planetofwinnerscasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Platinumcityonlinecasino.comOyster Gaming
Platinumslots.comGambling Federation
Playblackjackcasinos.comVirtual Casino Group
Playcasinoonnet.comVirtual Casino Group
Playersstation.comOyster Gaming
PlayersVegas.comWager21 Casinos
Playslotmachines.netVirtual Casino Group
Poker-Machine.comClaude Levy Casinos
PokerFlash.comClaude Levy Casinos
PokerJackpot.comClaude Levy Casinos
PokerRoyal.comClaude Levy Casinos
PokerShowSunny Group
PokerWarehouse.comClaude Levy Casinos
PokerWeekly.comClaude Levy Casinos
PopularCasinoGroup.comCasinova Software
PrimeCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
PrinceCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Punter.orgClaude Levy Casinos
Pureslots.comGambling Federation
Pyramiddownload.comVirtual Casino Group
Queenofgold.comOyster Gaming
Queenofgoldcasino.comOyster Gaming
QueenslandCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Realtimemarketing.comVirtual Casino Group
Richeshill.comGambling Federation
Richeshillcasino.comOyster Gaming
Rock-n-rollcasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Rocklandcasino.comGambling Federation
RouletteDotCom.comClaude Levy Casinos
RoyalCircusCasino.comCrystalisle Group
Royalcitycasino.comGambling Federation
RoyalFlush.netClaude Levy Casinos
RoyalGambling.comClaude Levy Casinos
RussianCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
RussianCasino.netClaude Levy Casinos
SafeBet.comVirtual Casino Group
Score123.comVirtual Casino Group
Scoreasia.comVirtual Casino Group
Scorecasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Scoresportsbook.comVirtual Casino Group
SexiestCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
SexiestGaming.comClaude Levy Casinos
SexiestLasVegasCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
SexyGamblingPalace.comClaude Levy Casinos
SexyLasVegasCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Shamrockcasino.netVirtual Casino Group
Shangaicasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Sizzlingslots.comOyster Gaming
SlotsAlley.comCasinova Software
SlotsDotCom.comClaude Levy Casinos
Slotsexpress.comOyster Gaming
SlotsMachine.comClaude Levy Casinos
SouthAfricanCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Spin2wincasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Spinningslots.comOyster Gaming
SplendidCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
SuperbCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
SuperClubCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
SuperCraps.comClaude Levy Casinos
SuperGrandCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
SuperLasVegasCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
SuperMoney.comClaude Levy Casinos
SuperNevadaCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Swordcasino.comVirtual Casino Group
SydneyCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
TasmaniaBetting.comClaude Levy Casinos
TasmaniaCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
TasmanianGambling.comClaude Levy Casinos
TasmanianWagering.comClaude Levy Casinos
Teensteamcasino.comVirtual Casino Group
TheAtlanticCityCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
TheBestCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
TheBettors.comClaude Levy Casinos
TheBlackjack.comClaude Levy Casinos
Thedeluxecasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Thefatcatcasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Thefuncasino.comVirtual Casino Group
TheGaming.comClaude Levy Casinos
TheJackpot.comClaude Levy Casinos
Theluckystrikecasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Themythicalcasino.comVirtual Casino Group
TheNevadaCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
TheRoyalCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
TheSexyCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Thevegasstripcasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Thevirtualbingo.comVirtual Casino Group
Thevirtualcasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Thevirtualpromotions.netVirtual Casino Group
Time4bingo.comVirtual Casino Group
TrumpCasinoGroup.comCasinova Software
U1casino.comVirtual Casino Group
Unicorncasino.netVirtual Casino Group
UpscaleGambling.comClaude Levy Casinos
USAjackpot.comClaude Levy Casinos
Vatrus-training.netOyster Gaming
Vegas1.comClaude Levy Casinos
Vegascasinonet.comVirtual Casino Group
VegasCompany.comClaude Levy Casinos
VegasCorp.comClaude Levy Casinos
VegasDotCom.comClaude Levy Casinos
VegasGambling.comClaude Levy Casinos
VegasHeaven.comClaude Levy Casinos
Vegasparadise.comOyster Gaming
VegasPlaying.comClaude Levy Casinos
VegasRiches.comCrystalisle Group
Vegasstripcasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Via-casino.comOyster Gaming
Videopokerclassic.comOyster Gaming
Videopokergrand.comGambling Federation
Videopokersaloon.comOyster Gaming
Virtualdanny.comVirtual Casino Group
Wager21.comWager21 Casinos
WebLasVegasCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Webonlinecasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Werankcasinos.comVirtual Casino Group
Wildvegascasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Winitcasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Winnersonlinecasino.comOyster Gaming
WorldJackpot.comClaude Levy Casinos
XXXSexyCasino.comClaude Levy Casinos
Youwoncasino.comVirtual Casino Group
Zoocash.comOyster Gaming
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