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As many of you already know, I have made quite a bit of money hustling I-casino bonuses, the Internet’s version of match play coupons. After reading Bill Haywood’s $12 book, BeatWebCasinos.Com, I took the plunge into the money and I am now swimming in checks and credits to my banking cards. I have heard that only 2% of people that use the Internet are willing to enter their credit card numbers online. Well, I am one of these people. I am playing on credit, never had to pay for any transactions, and making around $50US a day.

Each I-casino uses software from different gaming establishments. They buy a license to use the software, have it’s graphics changed to suit the casino, and then they are ready to go online. Well, almost ready. They also have to have a way to handle the money end of the bargain, probably the most important end of the business. This article will be about Microgaming sites, who use Proccyber Services to handle their money for them.

Microgaming has to be the biggest, most well known, and most trusted operation in the I-casino business today. You can track each and every hand you have played online using Playcheck, and all your transactions using Cashcheck. The are also audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, a big name in the game of accounting. Microgaming also offers a single deck Blackjack game with pretty good rules. Dealer stands on S17, you can double with a two card hand of 9 10 or 11, split any pair, no double after splits, and the dealer takes no hole card. The deck is shuffled after every hand. From what I have calculated, a player using the following Basic Strategy will be facing a -.22% expectation.

There are three changes in comparison to the typical hole card game. We don’t double our two card hand of 11 into a dealer 10 or Ace up. We do not split A , A against an Ace up, or split 8 , 8 into a dealer 10 or Ace up. This is the proper way to play a no hole card game. You can’t soft double in this game either, so disregard the cards for this.

Playing with a 100% bonus, the casino edge of -.22% disappears. You’re basically playing with a +99.78% advantage! This is the GREATEST advantage you will ever get in any Blakjack game you will every play, PERIOD. OR is it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have an even greater advantage? I know the anwser to that question, and just how to get it. Card counting.

Most players here now how to count cards, many of you using the Hi – Low count. For those of you who don’t count yet, here is a quick primer. Counters keep track of two groups of cards. They keep track of the cards that help the dealer, the 2 3 4 5 6 cards, and the cards that help the player, the 10 J Q K and A cards. When the deck has more small cards left in it, the house has a greater advantage. When the deck has more large cards in it, the player’s advantage increases. The small cards are given a +1 value, and the large cards are given a -1 value. The counter keeps a running count in their mind to know when they have the advantage. The game we are going to play shuffles after every hand, so we will not get to, or have to count more cards than are right in front of us on the screen for each play. Take a look at the following flash cards, and then I’ll get into some good playing examples we can use to increase our edge into the 100% range.

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