Hacking Microgaming Blackjack

There is a trick to speeding up the cards in Microgaming blackjack.

In my opinion at Microgaming casinos the cards are dealt too slowly in blackjack, even at the fastest setting. However there is a little trick to make the cards come out at lightening speed. Go to the folder where the software resides and then open the blackj folder. In there is a file called Blackj.ini. The file inside will look something like this:


Simply change the CardSpeed to 2 and AutoSpeed to 1 and save. The cards will come out faster than you can blink but will still be pulled away slowly at the end of the hand. Evidently not all Microgaming online casinos have this version of software and it sometimes you will neither find this folder nor file.

Please remember that although this has worked in the past and no problems have ever been encountered as a result, you should be cautious before using this code just in case the unforeseen should happen. It’s probably best to use this in the play for fun version of the tournaments. If you feel satisfied that the game is working well with the new entries, you can decide for yourself if you want to incorporate this into the real version.

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