Online Casino Facts That Make You Play Smarter

Online Casino Facts That Make You Play SmarterDo you think you already know everything you need to know about Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Slots? If so, you just might need to think again. In order to help you truly become a master at the casino we’ve got some casino facts that will earn you those bragging rights. Read on and in no time you will find that you are playing smarter!

Online Casino Blackjack Facts

  • Did you know that there is a Blackjack hall of fame? It’s true! It was created in 2002 to recognize the best blackjack players, blackjack authors and blackjack experts.
  • Blackjack has a couple of things in common with the game of baseball. ‘First base’ is a term that refers to the position located to the left of the dealer and ‘third base’ is a term that is used to refer to the position to the right of the dealer.
  • Although the game of Blackjack might seem like a fairly recent phenomenon, it has actually existed in some form for more than 500 years. However, it only became known as ‘Blackjack’ early in the 1900s. It was only when the payout on a ‘blackjack hand’ was assigned a bigger payout that the name changed from ’21’ to ‘Blackjack’.

Online Casino Slots Facts

  • Slots are, without a doubt, the number one casino game worldwide. Just in Las Vegas alone, slot machines have flooded the casino floors because the demand is so great. In fact, there are so many that one in every eight residents of Vegas could be spinning the reels at any given time!
  • Additionally, because slots are so incredibly popular, there is a huge demand for variety. Slots fans can now choose from classic Slots, Video Slots, Progressive Slots, and the fan-favorite Wheel of Fortune-style slots around the clock and with just a touch of a button.
  • Some very pervasive myths about slot machines are centered on the payouts. One myth is that the casino has the ability to control when a machine will payout. Another is that any machine that has recently paid can’t be hit again for some time. This isn’t even remotely true because all modern slot machines at both land-based and online casinos are controlled by a Random Number Generator. This is a type of software that guarantees that every spin is completely random. This applies to all payouts, including progressives. Even if a payout has been awarded, another one could be paid out immediately thereafter.

Online Casino Craps Facts

  • Impress your friends with your deep knowledge of Craps by letting them know that the dice used in a Craps game were traditionally used as a means of fortune telling by tribesmen.
  • In the time of the Crusades the game of Craps as we now know it was called Hazard. The game’s popularity increased to where it is today during World War II. Soldiers passed time in the trenches by playing the game.
  • The record for the longest known Craps roll 154 rolls. This record was established at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel on May 23, 2009. Patricia Demauro, a Craps ‘newbie’ is said to have rolled the dice for more than four hours!

Online Casino Roulette Facts

  • Not many people are aware that the classic casino game, Roulette, was invented by noted mathematician, physicist, and philosopher Blaise Pascal. Pascal’s experiments led to the development of a perpetual motion machine which morphed into the roulette wheel we use today.
  • Adding up the numbers on a roulette wheel will give you a total of 666. This is known as ‘the Devil’s number,’ which was determined during pagan Babylonian worship. It’s highly unlikely that Pascal was aware of this fact!

General Casino Facts

  • Although gambling wasn’t legalised in Nevada until 1931, the first casino was the Ridotto Casino, in Venice, Italy. This casino was established in the 1600s as a way to monitor gambling activities during festival time.
  • In most land-based casinos in Vegas and Macau you won’t find any clocks or windows. Daylight is simulated. This is an intentional strategy the casinos apply to disorient players in the hopes that they will lose track of time and play longer.
  • Vegas’s MGM Grand Casino is bigger than Yankee Stadium.
  • And lastly, it is believed that casinos are responsible for sandwiches. According to legend, John Montagu invented the world’s first sandwich by placing some fried meat between two slices of bread. What inspired him to take such an action? So he could keep one hand free when he played at the tables of course!

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