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Craps is arguably the fastest, most dynamic of all the casino games – gamblers seem to either love it or hate it. It seems in just a matter of a scant few rolls, you can win a large amount of money; but just as quickly you can lose it all. Craps can be a dangerous game.

However, unlike other games of chance, it does matter where you bet your money. The best pass bets to make are Pass and Don’t Pass, and Come and Don’t Come, with or without Free Odds.

In craps there are no guaranteed systems.

Here are a few tips that will help you win consistently:

• Progression and Regression: increasing and decreasing your wagers at a fixed rate. Often, you start with bets twice the table minimum, 2x, follow with x, then work back up to 2x, or higher, as you win. Progressive/regressive betting is the player’s only hope of beating the “Vig” in the long run. If you bet flat (the same each time), you will always lose.

• Bring the proper bankroll for your strategies: Play only at tables you can afford. You should be able to cover at least 25 to 30 bets, so don’t sit at a $5 table with less than $125. This is your only protection against inevitable cold streaks.

• Never let your winnings “Ride.” If you win the first then lose, you have nothing but a loss to show for having played even against the “Vig”, which is ridiculous.

• No, it is not possible to have a betting edge over the casino.

• Yes, there are secrets to winning consistently?

• You may have heard of claims from individuals that they have the “Magical System” that is guaranteed to win. Do not believe it. Although there are better systems than others, it is mathematical impossible to create a system that would give a player an edge in any game of chance.

• Winning consistently is easy to understand once you know why people loose consistently. Casinos strive basically on four types of players:

1) Players with unrealistic winning goals.
2) Players who rely strictly on luck.
3) Players with little (or no) discipline.
4) Players who play not to lose.

• Assuming this is the case (bet on it), it stands to reason that the key to winning consistently is by playing smart. Playing smart starts with making good bets.

• Here are some ways of winning consistently:
1) Having a solid game plan.
2) Effective money management.
3) Having the discipline and confidence.

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