Playing Progressives Is the Path to Massive Online Casino Jackpots

Playing Progressives Is the Path to Massive Online Casino JackpotsIf you took a poll that asked a group of gamblers how much they hoped to win when playing at the casino, chances are the most common response would be that as long as they win enough to keep playing, they’re happy. That’s a pretty solid philosophy really. Everyone knows (or should know) that when it comes to playing at an online or land-based casino, the odds are always in their favor. This is why “house edge” is a widely understood term. Knowing this, the hope of breaking even or coming out slightly ahead seems like a very realistic goal. After all, it only takes a bit of understanding of basic strategy to lower the house’s advantage, thereby increasing your odds of success. However, this is not the philosophy upon which huge casino empires were created. No, those were built on a different approach altogether; go big, or go home.

While breaking even is admirable, both online and land-based casino’s popularity lies in their ability to offer “once-in-a-lifetime” sums of money from a solitary wager. The randomness of the outcome of any given bet can make or break a person’s fortune. Consider, for example, the progressive slot machine. In most instances, in order to receive the mega cash prize you must place a “max bet.” Imagine for a moment that rather than placing that max bet, instead you only wager on a few lines. If you lose you can tell yourself “well, at least I didn’t bet the full amount.” However, if you hit the right five-of-a-kind but only placed the minimum bet, you’d be faced with the reality that you’d just missed out on a potentially life-changing windfall.

Massive Microgaming Progressive Online Casino Jackpots

Responsible bankroll management is vital if you want to extend your playing time, so betting the maximum amount might not be an option for everyone. But when you get the feeling that Lady Luck has bestowed her blessings upon you, head straight on over to one of the many Microgaming casinos, such as 32Red or Royal Vegas Casino. Not only are these some of the most secure and trusted online casinos available, they also feature the Mega Moolah Mega progressive slot machine which boasts a current jackpot totalling $6,872,031.00.

If you think ‘I couldn’t possibly win that much,’ think again. On April 9, 2015, a lucky Royal Vegas customer, Mark A., hit the Mega Moolah mobile jackpot which paid out more than 450 Euros in winnings. What really amazing is that Mark had only been a member for 7 days before he struck it rich! The size of this jackpot is somewhat unusual because Microgaming progressives payout so often the total jackpot isn’t normally this high. Because of this, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the Mega Moolah Mega is ready to burst any day.

Gigantic Real Time Gaming Progressive Online Casino Jackpots

Another great progressive slot provider worth looking at is Real Time Gaming (RTG). The beauty of these machines is that they can be played by members from the United States whereas Micgrogaming casinos do not accept U.S. players. Two very popular RTG-powered online casinos are Lincoln Casino and Liberty Slots. Here you can play Aztec’s Millions, a top-rated progressive online slot machine with a current balance of $1,714,228.

If you get the sense that a big jackpot might be in your future, head on over to any of these trusted casinos and try your luck. Just don’t forget to bet max!

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