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Starting out as a Roulette player, Rob McGarvey quickly learned there was money to be made playing Blackjack. First playing in Ontario Canada, then Las Vegas, New York, Atlantic City, and Biloxi, Rob has earned his set of playing wings. Most recently, Rob has taken his skill to the Internet Blackjack tables and is making a small fortune there as well.

Blackjack - Even the Score

As many of you already know, I have made quite a bit of money hustling I-casino bonuses, the Internet's version of match play coupons. After reading Bill Haywood's $12 book, BeatWebCasinos.Com, I took the plunge into the money and I am now swimming in checks and credits to my banking cards. I have heard that only 2% of people that use the Internet are willing to enter their credit card numbers online. Well, I am one of these people. I am playing on credit, never had to pay for any transactions, and making around $50US a day. Each I-casino uses... Read More

Basic Strategy

Hit Split Stand or Double? Hit To take another card. Tap the table beside your hand to signal the dealer you want to take a "hit". Split To form two hands out of a pair of similar cards. Place a bet next to your original one of equal size to signal the dealer you want to split your hand. You then draw cards to each hand, the right one first, then the left. Stand To decline any further cards. Wave your hand over your cards to signal the dealer you want to stand. Double To increase your bet 100%. Place a bet next to your original one... Read More

Make the most of casino bonuses

You've found an online casino that will give you a $100 bonus for a $100 deposit. Now what? Are you going to play until your deposit and bonus are all gone? NO! Play until the bonus is wiped out, and maybe some of your own cash? WRONG. If you are anything like me, you will want to play to keep your cash, keep the bonus, and win even more money. Let me tell you what has worked for me. First, let's work on keeping the bonus. The casino will tell you up front that they want you to give them a certain amount of action. I believe in giving them the... Read More

Advanced Blackjack Plays

Beyond Basic Strategy there are a number of hands you can play differently once you know how to count cards. By learning 10 of these hands we can take advantage of 90% of these advanced plays, simply by focusing on the most frequent hands, and the most profitable ones. The Blackjack player falls into one of four levels of skill. Level 1 is the Average Player that knows some of the rules and guesses what to do with each hand. Level 2 is the Basic Strategy Player who plays each hand perfectly. Level 3 is a Counting Player that changes bet size... Read More

Beating Blackjack, Systematically

Every gambler is expected to have their system, some logical mathematical way of out smarting a game of chance, so I thought long and hard and came up with one for playing Blackjack. I wouldn't use a system for any other game because I don't play the other games, they will always get you in the long run. I have combined a bunch of ideas and consolidated them and jokingly named it the "Veiled King of Comps Blackjack System". I hope you enjoy reading this, and I also hope you try it for yourself. I love using it because it works in every way.... Read More

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